Tokyo Revengers Chapter 240 Spoilers and Release Date

tokyo revengers chapter 240

All Tokyo Revengers avid fans have been looking forward for the official release of Chapter 240.

These are the details concerning the upcoming chapter’s release schedule.

Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers is getting curiously closer to the end. Takemichi has decided to follow his own path by creating his own gang and brawled with his old friend.  Takemichi wanted to help Mitsuya After gathering the Thousand Winters members. But Mitsuya wants to accomplish Ken Ryuguji’s dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Takemichi went to support Mitsuya along with the Tousand Winters members. After winning the competition,  Mitsuya refused to take the award and joins Takemichi’s gang.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 240 Release Date

Chapter 240 of Tokyo Revengers is set for a worldwide release on February 1st, 2022, or February 2nd, depending on your timezone.

Fortunately, there are no reports about the Japanese manga going on a break this week. So, you can expect the next chapter to arrive right on its schedule.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 240 Spoilers

Recent leaks predicted that we’ll see a conversation between Takemichi and Senju about Mikey

Senju, Mikey, Baji, and Haruchiyo were friends when they were little in a flashback scene in which we’ll see Senju chasing after Mikey, Haruchiyo and Baji while they were running together.

The upcoming chapter will reveal the interesting reason that led Senju away from the Manji gang in the past.



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